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Welcome to Voice Pretzel! 

The official website of Jeff Lumby, Voice Performer.

After graduating High School with straight “D’s”, it was determined with relative ease that Law and Medicine were not going to be a part of the mix.  “Too bad they weren’t passing out grades for mouthing off, I would have graduated with honours!”


So, the same year Jeff was completing his forgettable scholastic endeavors, he found himself sitting behind a microphone at his first radio station.  Jeff’s broadcasting travels included stops in 5 Canadian provinces, getting up with the sun at K-97 Edmonton, CITI-FM Winnipeg, CJFM-Montreal, Y95 Hamilton, CISS Toronto and KOOL-FM in Kitchener. 

With a perfectly sculpted face for radio, Jeff surprisingly managed some time in front of the camera.  He performed for kids on Size Small in the 80’s, and with “kids” on the Red Green Show.  His character, sewage sucker Winston Rothschild III , was a part of the show for 12 seasons.  “Remember, a flush always beats a full house!”. Animation has also been a part of Jeff’s mouthy career.  He’s performed on countless shows including Sailor Moon, Skatoony and as Narrator on the new George of the Jungle.


Jeff currently lives on 60 acres of Ontario forest with his wife, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a roving band of nomad turkeys. Now, with a brand new state of the art studio, Jeff is ready to “mouth off” for you.


To hear samples of Jeff’s work, go to the Demos section of the website.

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